SMPS Marketing Mayhem 2020: Authenticity and Leadership

May 13, 2021
12:00 AM
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UPMC Events Center - Robert Morris University
6001 University Blvd.
Moon, PA 15108
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SMPS Marketing Mayhem 2020: Authenticity and Leadership

What is Marketing Mayhem?

The mission of the Society for Marketing Professional Services is to advocate for, educate, and connect leaders in the building industry. Marketing Mayhem is SPMS Pittsburgh’s bi-annual conference aimed at achieving these goals and providing a networking opportunity to interact with 100+ members from the A/E/C community.  This year’s conference is focused on the skillset of Authentic Communication. Expand your potential as a leader in your firm and sign up today!


8:30 am – 1:00 PM Main Program

2.75 AIA LUs / 2.75 PE PDHs / 2.75 CPSM CEUs  - does not include lunch hours

1:00 PM – 2:30 PM Master Class Sessions – Authenticity Circles *Additional registration details below

1.5 AIA LUs / 1.5 PE PDHs / 1.5 CPSM CEUs


Sponsorship information for this event can be found at the bottom of this page using the attachment provided.

Keynote Session #1 9:00 am – 11:00 am– Authentic Communication in the Workplace

Google’s research in Project Aristotle revealed that Authentic Communication, which builds collective psychological safety, risk-taking and vulnerability, is the essential ingredient of high performing teams. Effective and strategic communication is key to leading meaningful conversations, building constructive relationships and ultimately succeeding in business.

Work Wisdom has curated this set of practices to help individuals and teams develop communication habits that build psychological safety and strengthen relationships. We all know effective communication is important, but it also requires practice. Work Wisdom will help you set up practices that build healthy communication habits, allowing your organization to achieve peak performance. A workbook is included with this session with an implementable plan for introducing and practicing these concepts at your workplace!

These 20 concrete practices can bolster innovation, motivation and collaboration. Authentic Communication tools hone written, verbal, non-verbal and listening skills to achieve peak performance.


  1. Helps improve our attention, self-awareness and focus through mindful communication.
  2. Helps increase our emotional intelligence through effective communication.
  3. Helps bolster trust and psychological safety within teams which leads to higher performance.
  4. Helps promote collaboration of teams to reach more innovative solutions to problems.
  5. Helps teams achieve deeper understanding and clearer ways to communicate one on one and within teams.

Having this shared vocabulary lets teams use one another as accountability partners to become even more Authentic Communicators.

Keynote Session #2 11:15 am - Noon– High Performance Leadership

When positive leaders are skillful influencers, they can more powerfully enhance people, planet and profit. This presentation is designed to build the necessary mindsets and behaviors for effective, ethical persuasion.

The cost of poor leadership has an enormous cost. Employees who were subjected to workplace incivility markedly decreased their performance: 48% intentionally decreased work effort, 47% intentionally spent less time at work, 38% intentionally decreased the quality of their work, 25% admitted to taking out their frustrations on customers and 12% reported leaving their jobs because of the uncivil treatment.

 At this session, Work Wisdom will introduce the six types of power to raise awareness of the ethical responsibility inherent in using each style for influence.  The presentation will take a deeper dive into the Referent style of power and discuss how to develop charisma as an authentic and ethical leader.


  1. Develop trust with others. Leaders who adopt behaviors that build trust have stronger financial gains and success. Thirty-nine percent of individuals say they would start or increase their business with a company because of trust. Sixty-four percent of leaders surveyed said they refused to buy the products or services of a company they did not trust.
  2. Raises your awareness and provides insight into developing a successful power style to earn trust and develop relationships.

Master Class - Authenticity Circles. 
These breakout sessions will be limited to sixteen people with two concurrent sessions of eight. Registrants will have an opportunity for a tailored experience with more in-depth exploration of topics such as Mindsets, Conflict and Collaboration, Psychological Safety, Emotional Intelligence and Leadership.

*Please Note: Separate registration is required for this portion of the program. To register, please use the registration link for the "Master Class Add On" and a separate registration confirmation will be sent.

Authenticity Circle #1 – Psychologically Safe Communication

Research shows that teams with psychological safety are able to achieve better outcomes because they aren’t afraid to speak up with ideas, questions, concerns or mistakes. Creativity and innovation can flourish. This session will share concrete practices anyone can use to start creating psych safety at work – setting the stage, inviting participation and responding productively.

Authenticity Circle #2 – High Performance Leadership (SOLD OUT)

Data has shown that leaders who adopt behaviors that build trust have stronger financial gains and success.  Authentic communication can transform virtually every relationship in one’s life for the better – as a supervisor, colleague, teaming partner or family member. This session will discuss how to say things that are challenging in a way that doesn’t cause tension or mistrust in a relationship. Learn how to foster a kind of exchange where you maintain respect – even when things get messy.

About the Presenters:

Kedren Crosby, Founder and President, Work Wisdom LLC

Kedren holds a Master’s degree in Policy Science from The University of Maryland, graduate level Certificates in Nonprofit Studies from The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Conflict Resolution at Notre Dame and has completed graduate coursework in Organizational Behavior at Harvard University.  Kedren is also a certified practitioner of Emotional Intelligence. Professionally, Kedren has enjoyed serving as a CEO, CDO, and Director, Associate Director, Interim Executive Director, President, Vice President, author and professor.  She has 25 years of workplace experience in all three sectors (for-profit, non-profit, government). Her practice is rooted in authenticity, appreciative inquiry, emotional intelligence, and positive organizational behavior.

Sarah J. Colantonio, Partner

With a Master's of Science in Communication and a Bachelor's in Psychology, Sarah has served as a professor of communication at both Millersville University of Pennsylvania and Penn State University since 2003.   Her years in the classroom have benefited her coaching clients as she holds expertise in interpersonal communication, public speaking, and influence and group dynamics.  Sarah contributes to The Behaviorist for Central Penn Business Journal and Work Wisdom’s podcast, is the creator of The Inner Office and co-author of Authentic Communication.  Sarah brings the evidence-based practices of mindfulness and authentic communication into your workplace. 


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Cancellation Policy: Cancellations may be made up to 48 hours in advance for a full refund by contacting Laura Sesack, [email protected] If you paid by credit card, your card will be credited. If you paid by check, a refund will be mailed to you within 10 business days. Pre-registered “no-shows” are responsible for the full cost of registration plus a service charge and will be billed accordingly.


$115.00 Members
$75.00 Earlybird rate before April 3

$130.00 Non-Members
$110.00 Earlybird rate before April 3

$115.00 Out-of-State SMPS Member
$75.00 Earlybird rate before April 3

$100.00 Members: Authenticity Circle #1 - Psychologically Safe Communication

$100.00 Members: Authenticity Circle #2 - High Performance Leadership

$100.00 Non-Members: Authenticity Circle #1 - Psychologically Safe Communication

$100.00 Non-Members: Authenticity Circle #2 - High Performance Leadership