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Heartland Regional Conference 'Call for Speakers' is open!

The SMPS Heartland Program Committee is seeking engaging programs for the 2021 Heartland Regional Conference that
will be in held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin on May 12-14, 2021. Programs should fit into the themes of:
• The conference theme “Dial It Up!”, focusing on how attendees can take their firms and careers to the next level.
• Exploring industry innovations, highlighting upcoming A/E/C trends and showcasing where the industry is moving
in the future.
• Offering strategies for individuals and firms to adapt to changes and challenges while thriving when they occur.
Topics should address one or more of the SMPS Six Domains of Practice: Market Research, Marketing Planning, Client and
Business Development, Proposals, Promotional Activity, and Management. In addition, the conference would like to offer
programs on career/personal growth.
Submissions will be carefully reviewed to be sure attendees are offered the best possible content. Consequently, HRC will
not accept programs that will be given at Build Business 2020 so please note in your submittal if you have also submitted
to Build Business. Additionally, HRC is asking that speakers limit their submissions to a maximum of two.

Additional information can be found at: