SMPS Offering Membership Promotions Through Jan. 31st

SMPS National is running a SPECIAL HOLIDAY OFFER—$80 OFF MEMBERSHIP DUES through January 31, 2018—those who JOIN (new members) through the special promotion link, or complete the special offer application, will receive $80 OFF their membership dues!

They are also offering the same special pricing to a group of lapsed members (expiration date August 2014 – August 2017), this group of lapsed members will receive $80 OFF if he/she REINSTATES during the promotion period through the online promotion link or special promotion print application. The special holiday promotions are for NEW and REINSTATING members only.

  • Special promotion link: JOIN(new members only)
  • Special promotion link: REINSTATE(lapsed members only)
  • Print applications:
  • Reinstate
  • Completed print applications should be emailed to membership@smps.orgor mailed to SMPS HQ, 123 N. Pitt Street, Ste. 400, Alexandria, VA 22314
  • Promotion valid through January 31, 2018

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