SMPS Pittsburgh Blog: CPSM Certification – Why Get Certified?

A Certified Professional Service Marketer (CPSM) is recognized as an individual who has met a rigorous standard of experience and expertise in marketing professional services and has demonstrated their knowledge of the practice and related disciplines through a thorough examination of marketing competency.

In preparation for SMPS National’s CPSM Week taking place on October 12-16th, SMPS Pittsburgh asked our local CPSMs to voice their perceptions of the benefits of becoming a CPSM.  Below are some quotes from these professionals:


When you apply for the CPSM program, you are taking your first step toward joining a distinguished group of professionals who have made a commitment to professional excellence, career advancement, and an ongoing pursuit of knowledge.

Interested in getting certified?

1) Visit the SMPS Certification Page at for more information, or contact:

SMPS National Certification Manager
Education Committee Chair

2) Mark your calendar for SMPS Pittsburgh’s CPSM Study Group

An in-person study group is planned to take place on Mondays from January 25 through February 29, 2016 at The Sextant Group (700 Waterfront Drive #200, Pittsburgh). These weekly study groups will cover each of the six domains to prepare you for the exam. Once the study group has ended, you will be able to schedule your CPSM exam.  If you are interested in participating in the study group, additional information can be found here, or you can contact Mark Witouski, CPSM (

3) Not yet convinced of the importance of CPSM?  Click the infographic below for some fun facts about the value of being a CPSM.


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