SMPS Northeast Ohio – Matt Handal’s Proposal Workshop: Take your Proposals to the Next Level

Tuesday, April 9 from 7:45 am – 12 pm in downtown Cleveland

Oswald Conference Center
1100 Superior Avenue #1500
Cleveland, OH 44114

Did you ever wish you could have more of an impact on your clients’ decisions? What if you could get into their heads, influence their decisions, and craft more compelling proposals?

Matt Handal (author and contributing editor of SMPS Marketer) will take you through a three-step workshop designed to give you new insights into your clients’ decision process and help you leverage science-based tactics to create more compelling proposals.

Step One: Introduction to Mind Marketing

The presentation goes over the science of the mind and how you can leverage this knowledge to get into your client’s head.

Topics Include:

  • The Science Behind How We Make Decisions
  • How People Who Say We Make Emotional Decisions Are Misleading You
  • Weapons You Can Use To Influence Decisions
  • Animated Examples of How These Weapons Can Be Used
  • Real World Tactics For Getting Into Your Clients’ Heads


Step Two: Step Into The Shoes Of The Proposal Evaluator

This session is a hands-on experiment that puts you in the role of the proposal evaluator. Each group will be presented with a number of REAL proposals and will be required to decide on a clear winner.

By gaining a TRUE understanding of what proposal evaluators are challenged with and how they make decisions, you’ll know what to focus on the next time you develop a proposal.

Step Three: Proposal Development Secrets

Based on the book of the same name, this presentation delves deeper into the proposal development secrets that will give you an edge over your competition. It also covers additional topics not included in the book.

Topics Include:

  • The Single Question That Can Dramatically Increase Your Proposal Wins
  • The Biggest Proposal Mistake You’re Probably Making
  • How You Can Beat The Incumbent
  • How To Get Evaluators To Actually Read Your Proposal


About The Presenter

Matt Handal is the author of the book, Proposal Development Secrets: Win More, Work Smarter, and Get Home on Time. He has produced successful proposals for some of the largest professional service firms in the world. His proposals have gone to government and commercial clients in every state and overseas.

He offers advice for Principals and the marketers who work for them as a contributing editor to SMPS Marketer and the host of, a blog dedicated to helping marketers in the A/E/C industry.


A special thanks to Cosential, our exclusive sponsor for this event!


$75.00 Member Ticket
$50.00 Earlybird rate before April 4

$75.00 Non-Member Ticket
$50.00 Earlybird rate before April 4

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