Member Spotlight: Sharon Landau

Member Spotlight:  Sharon Landau

Sharon Landau is the Marketing Director for Landau Building Company in Wexford, PA. She received a B.S. in Architecture from Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico, working in architecture for twenty years. In 2005, Sharon joined the family business as Landau’s marketing director, incorporating her architecture background into her marketing and business development strategies. Sharon has also been an active member of SMPS since 2005.

What I like most about SMPS:
SMPS is a great way for new marketing individuals in the AEC industry to meet their target audience. The lunch seminars feature key speakers from different sectors who discuss future construction projects. They also give attendees the opportunity to meet the speakers.

What advice I would give new marketers:
I suggest that new marketers become involved with SMPS at the board level. By assisting with activities like organizing monthly lunches, new members quickly learn who various decision makers are for upcoming projects in our region. It is also a great way to meet people in the industry and publicize your company.  When I began my career in marketing, I joined the SMPS Programs Committee. Veteran members quickly taught me who was in charge of hiring construction companies for our target industries, like healthcare and higher education.

In my personal time:
In my personal time, I am very involved with Rotary International, belonging to the Northern Allegheny Rotary Club. We are a small but very active club, and we help various local charity organizations. One of my main activities is the Rotary Youth Exchange Program. We send local high school students on exchange programs to countries all over the world. We also receive and place international students into local host families, allowing them to attend our high schools. I myself was an exchange student in high school, so I enjoy giving this opportunity to other students. I believe that learning another culture and language fosters peace and understanding. We are doing this one student at a time.

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