Member Spotlight: Al Grasso

Member Spotlight: Al Grasso

Al Grasso is Director, Market and Client Strategy at Mascaro Construction Company, LP.  In 2002, Al began in the A/E/C industry here in Pittsburgh. He spent a couple of years as a Project Engineer on a handful of commercial projects while attending school part time in pursuit of his MBA. For the next ten years, he led sales, marketing and planning teams for a large construction manager in Denver, Colorado. This past November, he relocated back to Pittsburgh, and began his current role as Director, Market and Client Strategy at Mascaro Construction. He began as a member of the SMPS Colorado Chapter in 2006, and transferred to the Pittsburgh Chapter earlier this year.

In my personal time, I like to spend time outdoors: hiking, biking, running adventure races, gardening and going on walks with our dogs.

People would be surprised to know that I brew my own beer!  I have been an avid homebrewer for almost ten years, and love good craft beer.  It’s fun seeing some new craft breweries popping up around Pittsburgh.

What I like most about SMPS is that SMPS provides the opportunity to network with other industry professionals and learn about trends, challenges and opportunities within our industry.

Advice for new marketers:

Take time to learn the core strengths of your organization. Differentiation in this industry is difficult.  If you don’t know what your company’s niche is, and what makes your firm different and great, then it is very difficult to communicate it to a prospective client.

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